Smoky Falls Mae Fi Resort is situated on a spur overlooking gorges, mountains and numerous waterfalls that cascade down from the Sohra-Mawsahew structural platform. It is bounded on its western, eastern and northern sides by steep ravines and on the east, at the entrance; by gentle slopes. Geologically, in its western and northern parts, it is located partly on fractured boulders, mainly quartzites and the soil cover is very thin and black in colour. Towards the south and east the rocks are composed mainly of extremely decomposed Khasi green stones and the soil is red in colour, thick and sticky during the monsoons. The total geographical area of the Resort is approximately two acres but the scenic beauty, natural grandeur and panoramic landscape that is observed from the Resort is simply awesome and breathtaking.


Currently at the Resort: Since we are situated in a remote village amidst a jungle, we experienced electricity outage for more than 8 hours, therefore we entirely depend on our Solar Power and backup generator. Therefore :

  1. We do not provide laundry service
  2. We do not provide wifi
  3. We do not provide AC, only ceiling fans
  4. Strict Geyser timing is followed:
    • 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM
    • 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  5. We do not provide alcohol, but guests are welcomed to bring their own
  6. Electricity may go out at times for a few minutes or an hour
  7. Cold water from the tap however is unaffected, and we receive a continuous flow

The resort experiences the onslaught of monsoon winds during the summer resulting in heavy and at times extremely heavy rainfall. At present, apart from the 12 cottages, there is a viewpoint, a restaurant, a small children’s playground, the parking lot and of course two swimming pools (under construction). In the evenings, even during the rainless days of the hot monsoons, the Resort is very pleasant. One can savor the natural and scenic beauty while listening to the sounds of rivers flowing, birds chirping, frogs croaking and, of course, insects clicking.

We are one of the top-rated locations in Cherrapunji!

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Smoky Falls Mae-Fi Resort

The Smoky Falls Mae-Fi Resort is located at MAWKHAN of TYRNA VILLAGE and it is about 15 kilometres south west from SOHRA BAZAR (Cherrapunji). The road leading to TYRNA is small, narrow and hairpin bends are encountered along the road. At present it is in a very pretty bad condition but drivable.

The visitors and tourists should take the route to TYRNA from SOHRA (Cherrapunji) via the village of MAWMLUH where there is a Cement Factory, till MAWSHAMOK then turn right towards TYRNA.

Why Us

1. In-house Restaurant
At Smoky Falls Mei Phi Resort, we believe that the way to a guest’s heart is through their belly. Our in-house restaurant, with views of the cascading waterfalls outside, will delight your taste buds with flavours from around the world.
2. Children’s Playground
We love kids and there’s nothing a child needs more than a safe place to run around. Our Resort features both a playground for Children and a Swimming Pool for the warm summer days. What are you waiting for?
3. Free Parking
Will you be driving up to Tyrna? Do you plan to drive around the hills of Meghalaya while you’re here? Well, we have your back with free parking spaces so you have one less thing to worry about and focus all your attention on that holiday you always wanted.
4. Pet Friendly
Looking for a Pet-friendly Accommodation for Your Vacation? Look no further! Smoky Falls Mae Fi Resort offers the perfect getaway for your and your furry friends, with a completely safe and gated compound.