Nongriat Double Decker Living Root Bridge & Rainbow Falls Trek

Smoky Falls Mae-Fi Resort offers guided tours to the Nongriat Double Decker Living Root Bridge. A one and a half hour trek from Tyrna including 3623 odd steps will lead the traveler to the world famous Living Root Bridges. An equally breathtaking sight are the Rainbow Falls that are another hour’s trek upstream from NONGRIAT. The return trek from Rainbow Falls to Tyrna can take as much as two and a half hours. Guests are encouraged to start the trek in the day to ensure ample time to view all the sights and sounds of the incredible landscape. Our staff will ensure you are well taken care of, with packed lunches straight from our kitchen.

Smoky Falls Mae-Fi Resort offers breathtaking views of the numerous waterfalls cascading from the Sohra-Mawmluh-Mawsahew platforms. Each waterfall has it’s own traditional name and legend.

Of the many waterfalls, two waterfalls that are perennial are the Daiñthlen and Noh-Ka-Likai waterfalls. These waterfalls have shocking and sad stories woven around them.